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简体Simplified = 繁体Traditional: 示
拼音Pinyin: shì
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0461

小篆 Seal Character:  

字形分析Character Analysis:
示is a Logical Aggregate, formed from an ideograph* of 上(literally means high, up or on top of, used to be written as 二 in Bronze Character, for a short horizontal bar placed on top of a long horizontal bar indicates something above or high.), and three vertical strokes (written from top to bottom, representing the sun, the moon and the stars).
*Ideograph (指事字zhĭ shì zì), also called a simple indicative, usually describes an abstract concept. It's a combination of indicators, or adds an indicator to a pictograph.

本义Original meaning:
让人看,显示 show, notify

Lily explains 示 like this:
示is now a very frequently used left radical, 礻, in Chinese characters, usually indicating some connection with sacrificial rites, or a practice of offering sacrifice to gods or ancestors. In Oracle Bone writing, 示 once born a quite close resemblance to the English letter, T, a pictograph which originally meant a sacrificial altar, or a dolmen consisting of one or more upright stones with a capstone. It later developed into a combination of "二" and three vertical strokes as well as a more descriptive meaning of the uppermost Divinity giving response and instructions to the mortal worship and consultation in sacrificial rites. Because, as we've mentioned above, the three vertical strokes below written from top to down serves as a symbol that the deity (the sun, the moon and the stars high above) descends to the world to make its presence or power felt. That's why  示 currently means to show or notify something to others.

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Reviewer:   kdnHqmmsP
You're a real deep thinker. Thanks for sahring.

Reviewer:   RvHhVuOxxY8x
That's more than seselbin! That's a great post!

Reviewer:   2bj6yua6viCS
It's great to find soomnee so on the ball
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