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简体Simplified = 繁体Traditional: 福
拼音Pinyin: fú
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0820

甲骨文Oracle Bone Inscription:  
金文Seal Character: 
小篆 Seal Character: 

字形分析Character Analysis:
In Oracle Bone Inscription, 福 used to be a two-piece Pictograph: on the left is "示" (礻, originally means a memorial tablet placed in the center of a sacrificial altar), and the right part looks like two hands respectfully holding up a drinking bowl or jug. Therefore, 福 once indicated to pray for blessing. Now it's become a Logical Aggregate, formed from the same "示" (礻)  as semantic indicator, and "畐" as its another semantic classifier as well as phonetic component (originally pronounced as fú, a pictograph of belly of the body)

本义Original meaning:
幸福,福气 blessing, happiness, good fortune

Lily explains 福 like this:
To ease the modern written form of 福, we need to make a close analysis of its right part, "畐". The upper horizontal bar "一" and flat pane "口" combines to be a person's head: imagine "一" as the top of his head and "口" as his big mouth ("口", kǒu, the modern Chinese character for mouth of a human being or animal). Take "田" as the person's full stomach, for the cross in the lower "口" means that his stomach is sated with food. So, there you can see that the whole character of "福"  tells that a person who is always able to eat his fill must lead a fortune and happy life. But don't forget that your happy and blessed life relies on the protection of your ancestors in heaven, so do remember to offer a sumptuous sacrificial feast in front of their memorial tablets and put "示" (礻) before "畐".

Other's comment

Reviewer:   Jas
Traditional of that character is 福 and the simplified of it is also 福 not 祝(that is zhu4). 田 is not a person's full stomach, it means farm. Don't give wrong information!!!

Reviewer:   y do u care
this is ok

Reviewer:   y do u care
I hope all this is true i have a project and this is my resource!!!!

Reviewer:   uDRNUyk18m
This is just the peercft answer for all of us
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