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简体Simplified = 繁体Traditional: 才
拼音Pinyin: cái
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0265

小篆Seal Character: 

字形分析Character Analysis:
才 is more a Pictogram in Seal Character than its modern form. The upper long horizontal bar symbolizes the ground while the crossing vertical stroke stands for the main stem of a plant newly coming out of the earth and the other lower and somewhat inclined horizontal line for the germinal branches and leaves of the plant still under the ground. So, the whole character of 才 just presents itself as a little picture of a newly born plant.
本义Original meaning: 草木初生 (plant ) newborn

Lily explains 才 like this:
Having gradually deriving a lot of other meanings in common use, 才 is one of the most frequently used characters in modern Chinese. As a noun, it usually means inborn abilities, a gift or a gifted person, and later it’s also used to indicate acquired talents and a capable person. For example: 才能 (cái néng, ability, capability, talent), 才华 (cái huá, literary or artistic talent), 才子 (cái zǐ, a gifted or talented scholar), and 才女 (cái nǚ, a gifted female scholar). Besides, 才 can also be used as an adverb which commonly means (preceded by an expression of time) not until, or (followed by a numerical expression) only. For instance: 他九点钟才来,太晚了。(He didn’t come until nine o’clock. That was too late.) 现在才八点钟,还早呢。(It’s only eight o’clock, so there’s still plenty of time.)

Other's comment

Reviewer:   beatriz martinez
now that i saw this charecter i wonder how many people use it as a different meaning.

Reviewer:   jqzMXEHcNpZjOvDc
AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this awnser!

Reviewer:   rjoZfCvbhNW
2L2VZi moment this time I am browsing this website and reading very informative

Reviewer:   9sY7dMTjwV
Stuffing my face with a yummy Mr. Goodbar (no joke), I would have to agree!!!“The Institute of Cognitive Institutions…” Ha!! I love it!!DON’T FORGET TO CRUISE ON OVER TO THE BLOGGER’S CHOICE AWARDS AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE BL€€IâO¦AHEMâG¦THSS ONE MOST IMPORTANTLY.Not sure this solicitation is proper blog etiquette but I don’t care…I’m a blog snob and this one is my favorite.
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