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简体Simplified: 卖 繁体Traditional: 賣
拼音Pinyin: mài
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0753

小篆Seal Character: 
*Compare with the seal character of 买:
隶书Official Script: 賣 (same as its traditional form)

字形分析Character Analysis:
The seal character of 卖 is a Logical Aggregate, formed from two major parts, 出 (chū, literally means go out, bring out), and 買 (the traditional form of 买). 卖 originally means to deliver the purchased items for money.
本义Original meaning:
以货物换钱,与“买”相对 Sell

Lily explains 卖 like this:
Still remember what we’ve learned in the last lesson of 买? 买 tells us that before anything can be purchased, the boss in charge must have checked the requisition and used a pen to ratify it (with an approved mark). And 买 just symbolizes a leader with a pen, who decides what to be bought and when. Therefore, if the boss or chief checks the purchase requisition and marks with a “十" (just take it as an opposite indicator here), instead of buying, you should go to sell something. Sorry for my clumsy interpretation, and if you have a more logical and fun version, would you like to send me an email or leave it below in the comment section? Let’s do it in the way as the Chinese phrase goes: 集思广益 (jísī guǎngyì, which means to draw upon all useful opinions and be benefited by mutual discussion).


Other's comment

Reviewer:   richard
Wd u not say that the additional part at the top of the 'sell' character indicates tu - earth, therefore to lay your goods out on the earth for display - to sell.

Reviewer:   tPyQkMldOQaigipOFL
Grade A stuff. I'm unquestionblay in your debt.

Reviewer:   VuNxTEPtHFSmXQhkazm
I was lkooing everywhere and this popped up like nothing!

Reviewer:   Hello
I need help

Reviewer:   G28eP67g2z7w
Reading this makes my decsiions easier than taking candy from a baby.

Reviewer:   IKbAaVvy83
Yup, that'll do it. You have my apterciapion.
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