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简体Simplified = 繁体Traditional: 好
拼音Pinyin: hǎo
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0052

小篆 Seal Character: 

字形分析Character Analysis:
好 is a Logical Aggregate, formed from two semantic classifiers: 女(nǚ, literally means woman; female), and子(zǐ, literally means son; child).

本义original meaning:
女子貌美 (of a woman) beautiful

Lily explains  好 like this:
好 would become quite easy to understand if you've already followed our previous lessons of  安 and  嫁. In the feudal Chinese society, a woman was born for her husband and child instead of for her own clan or herself. For a married woman, the matter of prime importance was to give birth to a child, a boy more preferred than a girl, for old Chinese thought that only a male enjoyed the right of inheritance and could continue the family line of the parental clan.  好 had come be composed of  女 and  子, mostly because in Confucian thought, a woman bearing a child, exactly a boy or a male heir, was regarded highly would be of much beauty.

Other's comment

Reviewer:   Jas
好 means good. Some words in Chinese, you can get the meaning of it by looking at the structure of it, but with this you can't.

Reviewer:   Mark
I have looked at a few charachters and do not see a modern translation into english. This is not helpful.

Reviewer:   Maarten
I learnt it was a combination of woman+young=good; that is young woman=good.

Reviewer:   Martin
@jas, maarten
no, i think, this means that in feudal chinese society, if a man got wife and son, then he is "very prosperous" or "very lucky". if a man doesn't have son, only daughters, that's considered a bad luck, and that's not good (bu hao). that's why "hao" got the meaning "good". ni hao = how are you? ultimately means that they are indirectly talking about the family first: how about you, are you already married, are you already got son, etc. and the asked would automatically answers about family. if he is already got wife and son, then his condition is "truly good". having wife and son is the ultimate happiness in the feudal chinese.

Reviewer:   translatorvasan
Martin's explanation seems to be correct rather than that of Lily. In any case, both the explanations will be helpful for remembering the character and its meaning, Thank you.

Reviewer:   Sohng
In Korea, they explained in a different way. 女(female)+子(male) together makes this world going. Implying when there is a balance, 好(good) things happens... And, look 女(female) is ahead of 子(male) to lead the "好(goodness)" of the world.

Reviewer:   Ark
Original concepts came from creation where after the confounding of languages at Babel, the new Chinese people in time, created a written language and used original concepts from the story of creation to develop it. The word means "good" today and is composed of woman and man. God Himself said after He had made them that it was "good". Many, many characters reveal the true story of creation, the garden of eden, Jesus, the devil, heaven, hell, temptation, the flood. These were basic concepts and thus used to start the new language. Just as you see on buildings and homes in China, red banners over the lintels and door posts are handed down traditions of the Passover spoken in the Bible's old testament. You see this from the most ancient of buildings in the country villages and hamlets as well as modern day buildings. Red is the color of the blood of which Jesus shed for our sins and gives us eternal life free. The Chinese love the color red, again handed down not only as a color, but in remembrance of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus. There is much more to share but you can find all this unique and very interesting history and truth found in the Chinese culture. Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese are not of heathen or pagan origin but believed in the one God creator. Through centuries, they dissolved from being believers of the God of Creation to emperors, to religions of buddah which came from India, confucionism, taoism, etc. as replacements for the truth of the origin of man. Spend some time and check it out for yourself and you will be amazed and will begin to understand why you even exist.

Reviewer:   WGIi1tNqxwZW
Full of salient points. Don't stop beiliveng or writing!
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