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简体Simplified = 繁体Traditional: 顺
拼音Pinyin: shùn
使用频度Frequency Rating: 0990

小篆 Seal Character: 

字形分析Character Analysis:
顺 is a Logical Aggregate, formed from two pictograms: on the left is 川 (literally means a river; an endless flowing stream); on the right is 页 (originally means head; head and face.  页 was created as a pictogram and looks from the top down like a very big head held up by tow legs). The two semantic indicators combine to give 顺 a meaning of along or be in the same direction as.

本义original meaning:
沿着同一方向 along; be in the same direction as

Lily explains 顺 like this:
To understand how 顺 is composed like this, you can imagine when you are taking a shower, the water just flows smoothly along your body in the same direction from top to toe. As the saying goes, man endeavors to rise and water flows downwards. (人 往 高 处 走, 水 往 低 处 流。Rén wǎng gāo chù zǒu, shuǐ wǎng dī chù liú.)

Other's comment

Reviewer:   FewMnHngr
Fell out of bed feenilg down. This has brightened my day!

Reviewer:   uwhIJNhpqBzA
That's really thniinkg out of the box. Thanks!

Reviewer:   MEMEbGLKOGhU
That's not just logic. That's ralely sensible.

Reviewer:   VbU8VtAahcB9
... a quick scan of David's wikipedia entry. I don't see obvious inauicracces, but there are a couple of omissions (mentions grandfather, but not father: a journalist I believe? also has yet to include Existence in bib.)
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