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     Ease Chinese Character

Why do I want to design this course? And how can you benefit from it?

Chinese characters seem the most difficult part for people learning Chinese as a second language. Many a complaint comes from not only that Chinese characters are complex with eccentric strokes and there are so many to memory, but that most of the characters have a bunch of unrelated meanings and almost no logic could be found in them.
Actually, there really are some connections between Chinese characters and each one's seemingly irrelevant terms of meaning. You are unable to discover that probably because you didn't learn them in the Chinese perspective and know little about the evolution of the character. I've found that if one study from its original form and original meaning, it would be much easier to see how all these characters had come to be. That's why I decided to open this 'Ease Chinese Character' course. Studies show that a vocabulary of 2,500 frequently used Chinese characters will enable one to understand almost all the content in nowadays Chinese publications. Therefore, I'm going to select from the most frequently used, try to ease them for you and keep updated. I really hope that it could be some extra help in your Chinese study.

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Character List

安    婚    嫁    好    因    姻    顺    初    忍    忘   

忙    休    老    孝    示    祝    福    祖    神    仙   

册    史    贝    才    财    买    卖   

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