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   Chinese Language Schools


Office Located: New York (Headquarter), Beijing, Bankok
Chinese Class Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming, Dalian, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi an, Hong Kong


EducAsian, founded in 1993 by Adam Arthur, offers Mandarin/ Chinese Language courses and programs in a variety of locations, including China. Virtually, EducAsian is more than a place to learn Chinese Language, for specialized and customized programs are also provided in Wushu / Martial Arts, Chinese Business, history, and Culture. With Internship programs, you can combine travel and study in China while earning college credit. You may be interested in Teach in China Program if you are a native English speaker and want to have a taste of China in Shenzhen.


(Only a tiny part of its huge pricing page is introduced here for your convenient reference, for the price details of more programs in more locations, you may go to http://www.educasian.com/info/schedprice.asp#teach)
Chinese Language Programs:
11 week Beijing-Shanghai: US$6,995 (Hotel Double Room) / $8,995 (Hotel Single Room)
8 Week Beijing & Travel: US$4,995(Hotel Double) / US$5,995 (Hotel Single)
Study & Travel Programs:
6 week Beijing Chinese Study: US$3,495(Hotel Double)/ US$4,550(Hotel Single)
5 week Shanghai Chinese Study: US$3,395(Hotel Double)/ US$4,295(Hotel Single)
Martial Arts/ Wushu Programs:
9 weeks: US$ 3,995(On-Campus Double) / US$4,995 (On-Campus Single) $5,495(Hotel Double) / $6,195(Hotel Single)
18 weeks: US$ 6,395(On-Campus Standard Double) / US$7,995 (On-Campus Standard Single)

Add: 350 East 79th Street - Suite 18C, New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-472-1031
Fax: 212-535-2501
Contact: Sondra Arthur
Email: nyoffice@educasian.com
Other's review
Reviewer: Carlito  Rating:: 1
I have no comment, I just wanna know the exact location of your training center in Tianjin because I am eager to learn chinese.

Thanks and regards


Reviewer: Michelle N  Rating:: 1
I participated in an EducAsian program during the Spring and early Summer of 2004. The company failed to provide me with the internship I'd been promised until 5 weeks before had to come back to the USA. Additionally, their program information clearly states you'll have help setting up a bank account, registering with the police and variety of other things required of a resident. Despite 9 days of repeated requests to go to the bank and set up an account, EducAsian's employees refused to take me saying I could do it myself. I'm and intrepid woman but seeing as I spoke roughly 5 words of Chinese and could read none, setting up a bank account in Chinese was out of the question. Eventually I had a near stranger from Italy who also spoke English and some Chinese take me to the bank so I could finally have access to money. When my group arrived and were taken to the local police office for registration, the EducAsian employee literally left us to find our own way home. The company claims to have near weekly trips organized, many of which are are pre-paid for by your program cost. Less than half of the trips listed in my program were ever even offered. When they were the majority of the time they were not posted until Friday afternoon...when the trip was leaving first thing Saturday. We regularly didn't find out about them in time to attend.

What concerned me the most about EducAsian's ability to provide the services it claims to offer, was I was in Beijing at the company's Chinese headquarters. I can't imagine how much worse it'd have been if I'd gone with a program in a different part of the county. The man who founded EducAsian has his attention drawn to his other (newer) companies he's started in China. I met with him after my program had been so thoroughly fowled up and it was the first time he'd been back to the office in nearly a month. The nice older lady you'll talk to in the NYC offices is his mother. Remember her because even though you'll have zero contact with her once you arrive in China, she's the only competent person involved in the company.

I believe their website shows the real problem with EducAsian, look at their "Student Quotes." All of them are from 2000 or earlier. I do believe that at one point EducAsian was a great program. Once the owner's attention shifted elsewhere, the quality eroded progressively to the point it is now where you bluntly do not get what you pay for. They've stopped taking care of the company.

The only positive I can really say about EducAsian is it set me up with a network of english speaking people, many of whom became my friends. Overall, go through another company. I loved my time in China and wouldn't trade it for the world. That said, I could never recommend EducAsian to anyone.

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Jiangsu Modern Technology Training Center
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Beijing Dragon & Phoenix International
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Chinese Class Locations:
Hong Kong (Headquarter), Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Philippines, Germany, Belgium, US, Worldwide through online learning

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