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   Chinese Language Schools

New Concept Mandarin

Office Located:
Hong Kong (Headquarter), Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Philippines, Germany, Belgium, US
Chinese Class Locations:
Hong Kong (Headquarter), Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Philippines, Germany, Belgium, US, Worldwide through online learning

NCM, founded more ten years ago, is a Mandarin/ Chinese Language school providing Chinese learning courses to learners of all levels, from beginners through to advanced. Generally speaking, NCM targets Western people who learn Chinese in North America, Australia, China, and Hong Kong. Their Mandarin / Chinese learning programs consist of 9 course books divided into Survival, Social, Professional. Different lengths of study and various modes are available. You may take the course through internet, CD-ROM, or with professional teachers.

Online Course:
It is composed of 84 functional lessons and 90 structured lessons from beginner to advanced level. Conversation, reading and writing at each level will be learned. You can move on to the next, more advanced lesson after successfully passing the online test in one lesson.

Immersion Program Fees Per Person: 1,500 USD (10 days); 2,850 USD (20 days); 4,050 USD (30 days)
Online Course for 90 days: USD 70 per level

Add: 2/F Beautiful Group Tower, 74-77 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Tel: +852-2850 4332
Fax: +852-2850 5365
Email: hongkong@newconceptmandarin.com
Other's review
Reviewer: Fred  Rating:: 5
Great immersion program. I have learned so much in 10 days. I will highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about learning Chinese.

Reviewer: Sandra Socias  Rating:: 1
Hello, Im from Venezuela and i need to know everything to be a part of your students .. what paper wqork do i need??, when will i start the course?? how long woul it takes???tell me everything . Im searching for university....
Ill be waiting the answer as soon as possible...
thanks for your time
Sandra Socias

Reviewer: Lily  Rating:: 4
Hello Sandra Socias,

Thank you very much for your comment on the section of Chinese Language Schools on our EaseChinese.com

My name is Lily and I'm the author and webmaster of EaseChinese. I'm writing to reccomend that you refer to the listed contact info of "New Concept Mandarin" on our site and try to contact them directly via email or by phone, for, actually, we have not established any formal communication line with the schools included on EaseChinese. You'd probably get a more prompt and detailed reply in this way.

Good Luck with your Chinese studies.

Best regards,

Reviewer: Raoul  Rating:: 1
I took group lesson with New Concept. It was a disaster. The teacher was rigid and reluctant in answering spotaneous grammar questions. I switched to private course at Linda lee school next door and I was very satisfied.

Reviewer: Rose  Rating:: 5
Their group class is great. I enjoyed every sinlge class. It was so fun and I learned so much. Highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Hiro  Rating:: 1
Raoul? You really mean that? Because I tried Linda lee school first, very not effective then I switched to New Concept.

Reviewer: Guest  Rating:: 1
2 weeks of the intensive course, at a price of nearly $500 for the course alone, and I cannot pronounce even basic words in Chinese. The company relies on the grammar translation method and ignores all current research on language acquisition. Also, there was no cultural activities or discussions on culture. Basically, it was an overpriced course with bad teaching methodology.

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Chinese Class/Program Locations: 
Beijing (Dongzhimen and Wudao) and Shanghai (Jingan) in China.
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Chinesetown Language Institute
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WLS International Ltd
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Beijing Hutong School

The Beijing Hutong School is the Chinese branch of the Hong Kong based Hutong Group. It is committed to providing highly skilled students with high-quality language and professional training, opening doors and creating opportunities that will benefit them far beyond the time-frame and scope of the chosen program.
Chinese Program Location: Beijing

Jiangsu Modern Technology Training Center
  mt is the first and only training center for Chinese language and culture in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Established in 2002, mt has been offering Mandarin Chinese courses of good value ever since.
Chinese Program Location:  Nanjing
Beijing Dragon & Phoenix International
  Beijing Dragon & Phoenix International Co. Ltd. (BDPI) is a newly-established provider of Chinese Language programs and courses, for the website was just created in July, 2005.
Chinese Class Location: Beijing
Shenzhen Interactive Language Center
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Chinese Class Location: Shenzhen
Learn Chinese with Bing Chen
  BingChen is operated by a global network group of language professionals with knowledge, skills and experience, who's specialized in Chinese language and culture.
Chinese Class Locations:
Private Classes: upper west side of Manhattan.Group Classes: midtown and upper west side of Manhattan.
  EducAsian, founded in 1993 by Adam Arthur, offers Mandarin/ Chinese Language courses and programs in a variety of locations, including China.
Chinese Class Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming, Dalian, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi'an, Hong Kong
China Quest
  China Quest LLC, based in New Jersey, USA since 1995, is a private study and travel abroad organization.
Chinese Program Locations:
Beijing (and with other cities in China to go during the program, such as Inner Mongolia, Luoyang, Xi'an, Suzhou, and Shanghai)
Mandarin as a Second Language
  As a Mandarin/ Chinese Language School based in Hong Kong, MSL learning Center is specialized in teaching non-Chinese speakers Mandarin.
Chinese Class Location: Hong Kong

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