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Chinese Picture Dictionary by Yale University

The Chinese Picture Dictionary is a multimedia courseware that aims to expand the vocabulary of beginning-level Chinese language students. It presents several hundred pictures based on familiar settings of daily life. For example, food, clothing, school, dining hall, classroom, stationery, dorm, furniture, building, library, street, transportation, sports, vegetables, and animals. The pictures are divided into categories with approximately 20 pictures each.
Each picture is presented in an individual page, along with buttons students can click to view the depicted vocabulary word written in Chinese script, view the pronunciation spelled out in Pinyin romanization, and view a sample sentence using the word. In addition, students can listen to native speakers of the language pronounce the word.

*Mostly quoted from the about page of Chinese Picture Dictionary.

Other's review
Reviewer: karan  Rating:: 3
its good

Reviewer: deborah Fagan  Rating:: 4
I want to see some picture of the chiness. So I can show my classroom mate.Because I have to do a porject on culture

Reviewer: Etudiant  Rating:: 1
The basic idea is good, but currently it looks like an American Picture Dictionary with additional Chinese characters. I would have preferred to see more Chinese specific pictures, e.g. food, geography, history, news...
Poor user interface: Far too many clicks needed. Why can't I see character + pinyin + English at the same time?

Reviewer: maria  Rating:: 3
verbs used in daily life are far more im portant than specif vocabulary

Reviewer: Brannon Copeland  Rating:: 4
Very well set up for an absolute beginner - your pronunciations are much more useful than most I have examined 85 years old and still eanting to keep up with the globe as it becomes more village like!!

Reviewer: guest  Rating:: 3
good, but some errors need to be fixed.
e.g. No left turn was linked to no parking picture.

Reviewer: nicole  Rating:: 4
I like your web!

Reviewer: Mark  Rating:: 1
The content is exactly what I'm looking for, but often seems and odd set of arbitrary words, important vocabulary is missing (no cat in the animal section), categories are not translated (what's the Chinese for 'fruit'?), often rarely English words are translated for things that don't really exist in China. Most damning some of the items are wrong (broccoli is not jièlán), which means you can't trust it without cross checking everything.

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