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   Chinese Tools


Chinese-Tools.com provides a wide range of free online mandarin tools, which assist you in learning Chinese language and culture. You may find a lot of interesting and useful mandarin tools there, either for fun or for study, such as Chinese-English dictionary, Chinese translation tool, Chinese Astrology Sign, Your Name in Chinese, etc. All mandarin tools are free, but can only be used on the site instead of being downloaded as software.
Other's review
Reviewer: Bob  Rating:: 5
The free online audio mandarin lessons are just great!

Reviewer: Linese  Rating:: 5
Thank you very much for this precious link!

Reviewer: Rjac  Rating:: 5
Thankyou very much for this site.

Reviewer: Teleplus  Rating:: 5
Thanks, that was what I was looking for!

Reviewer: Ronio  Rating:: 3

Reviewer: Aamir O  Rating:: 5
it encourages the learners, thanks a lot

Reviewer: aris wanda   Rating:: 4
i not interesting to use chinese tools.

Reviewer: Mai Noe  Rating:: 4
As I'm the elementary student of speaking Chinese, your lessons support me very well.

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