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ChineseTeachers.com is a website that focuses on improving student's listening and speaking skills in Mandarin Chinese. The website offers learners much flexibility to adapt their learning environment to their life style. It can be used as an 'add-on" learning tool to complement study curriculum, college classes or self taught books. Intensive training courses are also available for an executive with an upcoming business trips, or for a student preparing for a placement examination.

ChineseTeachers.com offers teachers in four categories: Practitioner, Professional, Teacher and Senior Teacher. Each category adds different values to learners, with the common focus to help improve oral skills. The lessons are conducted primarily in Chinese for intermediate level and above, and learners can choose teachers with the relevant second language skills to make instruction more effective. During the lesson, students are encouraged to speak Chinese as much as possible, and to utilize their own life experiences to enrich the learning coverage.

Live lessons on ChineseTeachers.com do not need to be booked in advance, and there is no fixed lesson length imposed to students. Regular, short lessons could work for some, while two-hour intensive lessons maybe more appropriate for others. Students usually receive follow-up study materials prepared by their teachers, and the content is customized according to the students' learning objectives and Chinese level.

ChineseTeachers.com also provide a complete lesson tracking mechanism, so that at any point of the learning process, students can always review their lesson notes and monitor their learning progress.

(All the above information is based on a summary by Sheila Sauvage,  Director of ChineseTeachers.com.)
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Reviewer: James  Rating:: 5
Love it, simple, good price and very nice teachers.

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