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Rosetta Stone Chinese Personal Edition (CD-ROM)

Rosetta Stone is a worldwide language-learning software provider, and its softwares are available in 30 languages including Chinese/ Mandarin. The Chinese Language software offered has 3 three packages: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 1 & 2 Set.

List Price:
US$ 195 for Rosetta Stone Chinese Personal Edition Level 1
US$ 225 for Rosetta Stone Chinese Personal Edition Level 2
US$ 329 for Rosetta Stone Chinese Personal Edition Level 1 & 2 Set

From Lily:
The web site looks professional, and the package box feels cool, and of course, the software costs much. Since the demo is only offered in 5 languages excluding Chinese Language, it's very hard for me to give an informative comment on it. Anyway, the screenshots in the Chinese version are quite attractive, and the pronunciation (in the English demo I downloaded) is good and standard. However, I really think it's worth a second thought for a second language beginner with no Chinese language professionals to turn to.
If you want to learn Chinese Language via a Chinese Language Software but not for free. you can take Rosetta Stone Chinese into account.

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