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Rapid (Mandarin) Chinese - (AudioCD with Booklet)

If you want a quick and easy start in your Chinese language study by yourself, you may take a shot at this cool language learning program.
First, it's audible, allowing a more convenient and flexible learning schedule. If your schedule is already heavily loaded and you cannot spare regular hours to learn Chinese, or you just don't like that conventional classroom learning mode, you can think about learning Chinese with this program while jogging, in the car or doing the housework.
Second, with music, making your study more enjoyable and effective. Rapid (Mandarin)Chinese is music-based, which distinguishes itself from other language learning programmes. You learn words, phrases and structures with specailly composed melodies in the background. "Rhythm and words, i.e. song and verse, have always been a very powerful memory aid - and this is supported by recent scientific research..." learn more about earworms mbt teaching approach.
Since Rapid (Mandarin) Chinese is a newly released Chinese learning program, only Volume 1 is available now, which deals with immediately usefule words and phrases for your visit in China, like taking a taxi, asking for directions or ordering food at a reataurant. Volume 2 that will enable you to hold simple conversations to talk about yourself, friends, family, the past and future, opinions, likes and dislikes etc. can be expected soon in July, 2006.

List Price: £14.99

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Reviewer: Kuntal Ganguly  Rating:: 3
I want to learn chinese

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