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Free Online Mandarin Chinese Lessons

If you are fresh and new to Mandarin Chinese, you may try these lessons and get an easy and quick start. The free lessons section is divided into two parts: the basics and beginner lessons. First, you are taught some introductory information on Chinese pinyin system, like tones, initials & finals, as well as the fundamentals of written Chinese, such as eight strokes and stroke order. Then, from the seven beginner lessons, you will learn how to talk about yourself and greet Chinese friends with practical phrases and sentences. Each lesson, based on a conversational text, contains a new word list, grammar points and character writing. Although, at present, FreeChineseLessons.com could hardly be labeled a comprehensive Chinese learning resource, fortunately, its Sitemap tells that this site is updated on a regular basis and more interesting lessons will be released in the near future.
Other's review
Reviewer: bill  Rating:: 3
I want to learn Chinese very well.

Reviewer: Wu Jin Xiu  Rating:: 2
I want to learn Chinese as well as speak and write fluently. So, please send me some useful lessons to improve my chinese knowledge.

Reviewer: samuel valdes jr  Rating:: 4
Thanks for the help

Reviewer: omar shair  Rating:: 5
I was in china for six years.during my stay in Chin I studied chinese language butnow I forgot almost all.

Reviewer: tariq hussain  Rating:: 1
i can speak some very basic words. i want to learn more

Reviewer: vince  Rating:: 4
i really wanted to learn chinese!! help me please!!!

Reviewer: Jeysree  Rating:: 3
i really wanna learn mandarin. i want to fit in with my friends in school.

Reviewer: hoang lan anh  Rating:: 3
i learn chinese at university but i can`t speak well

Reviewer: sam  Rating:: 3
i want to good in chinese for anna

Reviewer: aqeel  Rating:: 3
i want learn chinese languge

Reviewer: laolu  Rating:: 3
hen hao

Reviewer: heroyoy  Rating:: 3
I wanna learn chinese as fast as possible

Reviewer: khizer  Rating:: 3
i want to learn chinese to make myself to communticate with others

Reviewer: vangie  Rating:: 1
i am fascinated with mandarin language and eager to learn. can you sent me reviewers?

Reviewer: Mouhamed  Rating:: 3
I would like to learn chinese .would you help me by sending me lessons via emails

Reviewer: Lanie  Rating:: 1
i want to learn mandarin because I plan to work to singapore

Reviewer: jawad  Rating:: 1
i really wanted to learn chinese!! help me please!!!

Reviewer: wilmer bulletgold  Rating:: 3
I want to learn Chinese as well as speak and write fluently. So, please send me some useful lessons to improve my chinese knowledge.

Reviewer: mike benoit  Rating:: 1
i want to learn it well

Reviewer: thet moe shien  Rating:: 1
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Mr.Thet Moe Shein.As my chinese is very poor,I would like to learn chinese online.
Best Regds,

Reviewer: kalip layang  Rating:: 1
my chinese is very poor,i would like to learn to speak chinese more

Reviewer: thanhl  Rating:: 3
i wanna learn chinese just for nicholas teo, my idol ^^ thanx for the site

Reviewer: Hailey  Rating:: 3
This place is awsome but I cant find out how to write Mandarin.

Reviewer: fahd  Rating:: 4
i can speak & write chinese characters but i want improve my self more

Reviewer: roland  Rating:: 3
i am a chinese and i speak & write standard chinese
i am seeking for a guy who can teach me french(i can speak a little)
it's kinda like language exchange. if you are interested contact with me.

Reviewer: roland  Rating:: 3
still me
roland_lee#hotmail.fr replace # with @

Reviewer: Maritza García  Rating:: 1
I want you to help me to learn Chinese Mandarin, can you please help me?

Reviewer: natasha  Rating:: 1
i am trying to teach english to my chinese friends, and i would love to be able to speak chinese back

Reviewer: dan  Rating:: 3
im going to china in 6 mounths and staying in a temple to learn kung fu with real shaolin monks. i need to learn mandarin to be able to comunicate. help me learn chinese quick!!!!

Reviewer: ely  Rating:: 3
i would like to learn this language, because i like to work with chinese persons,and i have more oportunities.

Reviewer: Moira  Rating:: 3
I want to be able to communicate with Chinese speakers,because I am from an Asian background too. So I am really interested to learn more Asian languages and to increased. later in the future i wish to visit china and see their culture and be able to talk to the. It would be a n amazing experience

Reviewer: Paul  Rating:: 3
I live in china now.

Reviewer: emilio menes  Rating:: 1
i need learn chinese

Reviewer: su  Rating:: 3
i want to lean chinese for better communications

Reviewer: bee adam  Rating:: 3
having visited China i feel frustrated that i was unable to communicate with the locals... therefore as soon as i've returned home this is my first mission before i return!!!

Reviewer: ecpod  Rating:: 5
I have built a website to let you watch a lot of videos to learn mandarin and english. It is all free! Do check it out: www.ecpod.com

You can also contribute videos and we pay you. Thks.

Reviewer: charlie  Rating:: 1
my chinese is so poor that i cannot communicate with other people so i want to learn very very hard

Reviewer: valeria  Rating:: 3
i really want to learn mandarin, can you please help me. thank you

Reviewer: raquel  Rating:: 1
where is the course?????? i didn´t find nothing, no course here for learing chinese

Reviewer: Richard  Rating:: 3
I am a Chinese, If you are a English speaker and want to learn Chinse. I will be your good choice. You teach me English, and in return, I will teach you how to speak Chinese.
Mob: 13916461425, teyerpharm(AT)hotmail.com,Skype:teyerpharm

Reviewer: happyasapig  Rating:: 3
I am a Chinese, If you are a English speaker and want to learn Chinse.call me. MSN 4023680@163.com

Reviewer: yuki  Rating:: 1
nihao i really want to learn chinese because i have chinese friends. also japanese friends who speaks chinese. and i want to fit in.i want to show them that im a really good friend. who would things for them.if you want my email its satomiyamapi@hotmail.com

Reviewer: Guest  Rating:: 3
I want to learn chinese, but I have no alot of time

Reviewer: kim   Rating:: 1
i want to learn mandarin as fast as possible

Reviewer: karen  Rating:: 1
i want to learn mandarin

Reviewer: Liao Weiqian  Rating:: 5
I am a native Chinese, also crazy about English.We can exchange language and benefit from each other, if you are interested,contact me at 13916461425 or liaoweiqian@yahoo.cn

Reviewer: alexandra  Rating:: 3
I've got the language pack, but I keep getting question marks on the web page.

Reviewer: emelie alcantara  Rating:: 5
i am a pure Filipino but i really want to learn how to speak mandarin as past as possible. i love Taiwanese movie but i can't cope up easily because of their language. i am no. 1 avid fans of ariel lin & i am collecting her drama series. please send me some english-mandarin lesson. here is my account lhay052000@yahoo.com

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