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Power Chinese (DVD Case)

Power Chinese was designed to meet the specific learning needs of native English speakers. You can spend as little as 30 minutes a day and in just 8 weeks you will have covered the equivalent of one year of college-level Chinese.
Main features include:
Memory techniques that make information more digestible and more retainable to adult learners,
A less intimidating approach that leaves out information that is not absolutely relevant to understanding the language,
Extensive use of graphics to heighten right-brain participatory learning.
Fully animated stroke-by-stroke writing of the 600 most common simplified Chinese characters.
More than 800 phrases and 1,200 sentences chosen for their high frequency in everyday speech. See these words and phrases over and over in sentences, in dialogs, and in video clips.
Over 2,500 audio clips of words, phrases, and sentences all spoken by native speakers.
Extensive interactive drills to help you retain what you have learned.
Humorous dialogs to further promote retention of key phrases and concepts.
Video clips of impromptu interviews with real people speaking Chinese in real-life situations.
* All the information above is from the website of Transparent Language, Inc.

List Price: US$49.95
Amazon Price: US$ 44.99 with free shipping

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