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Public Chinese

With a partner of Jinan University, Public Chinese offers both online and offline Chinese Language courses to learners of all levels. Public Chinese, to meet the various needs of those wanting to learn Chinese online, provides a variety of Chinese language courses, including Basic Chinese, Traveling Chinese and Business Chinese.
I paid a couple of hours to take the free online trial, and it tuned out to be well worth the time.

The following is my free online trial journey.
Click ''free online trial''
Fill in a simple registration form with my email add, full name, and a password
Log in to turn to a new page with three choices: to start my Chinese Language studies:
The first choice is to take a placement test to adopt the suggestion to start my Chinese learning.
The placement test is made up of 40 questions, which divides into 4 parts: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading.
By ticking the wrong boxes for 30 questions, I tried to be like a beginner.
With 10 right out of 40, I successfully got Basic Chinese 2 (a) for Elementary level.
Basic Chinese2 (a)
Lesson -1-School has started          
Lesson -2-What is the date today          
Lesson -3-I am off tomorrow          
Lesson -4-Mother smiles          
Lesson -5-Twelve symbolic animal          
Lesson -6-Red rose          
Lesson -7-My timetable          
Lesson -8-Dream          
Lesson -9-Making telephone calls          
Lesson-10-Don''t throw rubbish anywhere
By simple clicking, I was able to start to learn Chinese online easily.

The other two choices are let the system tailor a Chinese Language plan for you to follow up, or choose the course you want directly to begin your online Chinese learning tour.
Actually, I tried all the three choices offered, and browsed through the online Chinese courses of five levels (Pre-Beginner Level (Basic Chinese1, Elementary (Basic Chinese 2), Intermediate (Traveling Chinese 1 2), Advanced (Business Chinese 1), Up Advanced (Business Chinese 2)
All the courses are well designed with useful information.
Very attractive and colorful e-textbooks, neat and comfortable layout, practical topics and sentences, clear and simple vocabulary list, standard and high-quality pronunciation and useful background information.
You are even allowed to change the course you first added as many times as you like.

Fees for the online Chinese courses:
PublicChinese Learning Service:  US$ 299 for 1 Year   
Online Classroom Study:  Free for 1 Year (Updated in May, 2006)  

In the Club, Public Chatroom is available for all members, but with no teachers and class schedule.
Online Classroom is only for paid members with online teachers and one-month class schedule.

After experiencing the courses and services myself, I highly recommend you to visit Public Chinese if you want to learn Chinese online. It''s really well worth a shot, and you can''t miss it.
Other's review
Reviewer: kellon  Rating:: 5
good site

Reviewer: Alimaa  Rating:: 1
I want to communicate in Chinese with my geologist-collegs

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