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   Chinese Language Schools

Shenzhen Interactive Language Center

Office Located: Shenzhen
Chinese Class Location: Shenzhen


The Shenzhen Interactive Language Center (SILC), guided by the motto and methodology "Language in Motion", is an English and Mandarin training center devoted to true interactive teaching methods in the classroom. It's claimed that their classes attach special importance to the use of Mandarin/ Chinese Language in everyday, real-life situations. The Mandarin/ Chinese Language course are divided according to the different levels of learners: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Writing & Reading. For corporate foreigners in China, customized business classes are also available.



Add: E2, 4 Floor, Seaview Square, Taizi Road, Shekou, Shenzhen, 518067, China
Tel: +86 -755-2681 8970
Fax: +86-755-2681 9673
Email: info@sz-ilc.com.cn
Other's review
Reviewer: Mark Fail  Rating:: 3
I would like to enrole on a long term language course in shen zhen, do you offer such courses?

Reviewer: Guest  Rating:: 1
This school is no longer affiliated with TLI. Check the TLI website.

Reviewer: Mark  Rating:: 5
I have studied at SILC for 18 months now. Once they stopped using TLI the academics is perfect. SILC has their own Chinese learning books now that I use. It is real life learning for a foreigner living and working in China, and I also use the online video classes when I am away on busines at www.sz-ilc.com

Reviewer: pookie  Rating:: 3
I'm living in Bangkok, Thailand. I'd like to know more informations from the beginning class to upper level class of chinese language in Shenzhen.How long would it takes to go to the bussiness class conversation? also the tuition fee of all the classes, also the timing for all? If I'll be staying in around east pacific garden of SZ, is it far from your school? And how to apply to your school?
Please give me some advices and all of informations that I should know to study aboard.
Thank you so much
pookie (pp_pookie@hotmail.com)

Reviewer: Kim  Rating:: 1
SILC was sold at the end of June 2007, and is under new management. I have to say that when Mr. Stacey was the owner, he cared about the students and made the center a fun place to learn, we were excited to go there. The new owners are cold and look down on you. An elderly grey-haired man with his hair in a pony-tail walks around and talks as if he knows God personally (most of the time he is in the local bar telling everyone he does know God). They even have high security electronic locks on the entry door now, and you must be 'Buzzed" into the student reception lobby. They do not promote Chinese learning any more, they focus on English training for the oil companies (the basic greed focus). I give the new owners "two thumbs down" review on their management and poor choice of staff members. I have my materials that Mr. Stacey designed when he was the owner, so I found a local Chinese person to tutor me. Stay away from SILC if you want to learn Chinese.

Reviewer: eli  Rating:: 3
Hello, I am eli from hamburg, germany. from the beginning of november till january 2008 I will stay in Shenzhen as an aupair and i am searching for a language school to learn chinese. Please help me because after this last article i wont try to go to silc anymore. do you know any other options?
thanks eli
( eli.breuing@gmx.de)

Reviewer: Guest  Rating:: 1
I thought I have seen it all, then I went to the website www.sz-ilc.com It is too funny. The school may get bad reviews now but at least they will go out with a smile. I have signed with "New Concept Mandarin" in Shenzhen. They are OK, the teachers are young but the books and CD's are easy to understand and the subjects jump around to keep it fresh.

Reviewer: Andrew  Rating:: 1
Silc is "Hen Bu Hao". I was a student at SILC but changed to Linda Lee's center in Shekou. go to www.lindalee.com.cn for details. At Linda Lee's center the people smile and it is a joy to learn at a fraction of the price to New Concept Mandarin

Reviewer: Kutteeya  Rating:: 1
I'm stay in Thailand. I plan to stay in Shenzhen on April-May 2008. I need more information about Chinese Mandarin Course such as Class Schedule or Cost. Please fax or mail to kutteeya@yahoo.com or fax no. 66-23495069.
Best regards,

Reviewer: Tanya  Rating:: 1
I tried SILC early last year. It was a bad experience. Then I went to New Concept. Their price is skyrocketing. My neighbour refered Linda Lee school to me.I'm at my second course with them and very happy with the result. Plus it's good 15 minute walk to school every morning.Go to www.lindalee.com.cn to get details.

Reviewer: Othman  Rating:: 3
I am Othman i am planning to stay in shenzhen 3 month i would like to take madarine course between jul and sep
please send me email othmanbiz@yahoo.com

Reviewer: Cris  Rating:: 3
Hi, I will be coming to SZ for work from June onwards for 6 months. Could you send me the schedule and cost for that period of time to liquidtension@gmail.com .

Thank you.

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