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TEFL International

TEFL International, based in the state of Oregon, USA and Thailand, is a non-profit international training organization, created for English teacher education, language training, internships and more. It''s stated that TEFL International has schools and offices throughout five continents, in over 20 countries, like Thailand, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, South Korea, New Zealand, England, France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, India, etc. A variety of TEFL course and programs are available there, including TEFL Course Certification for US$1,390, TESOL Diploma for US$1,290, Bachelor Education TESOL Program for US$ 4,590 (With TESOL Certificate Program) or US$3,600 (without TESOL Certificate Program), Business English Teacher Training for US$350, and more.

Add: USA Office-1200 Belle Passi Road, Woodburn, OR 97071 USA
         Thailand Office- 38/53-55 Moo 1, Klaeng, Muang, Rayong 21160, THAILAND
Tel:  Toll Free (866)-384-8854 (US), (020) 7193 3871 (UK)
        +66-38-652 280 (Thailand)
Email: admin@teflintl.com teflinternational@hotmail.com
Other's review
Reviewer: James   Rating:: 1
I went to this course it is horrible. Dont go plus it totally illegal. This is one post about it I copied and will paste. I want everyone that is a teacher or planning to be a teacher about TEFL INTL. TEFL INTL is not what is advertised. I was in one of the courses and let me tell you it is truly a scam. I have read up on them and they claim that all the instructors are college educated and have at least five years of teaching. This is just a side note the course is just illegal in general. In the counrty I took the course you are not allowed to take the course with a tourist visa. On the phone mark from www.teflcourse.net or www.teflcourse.com said it was ok. We all felt mislead.The truth is you need a student visa. The problem is that in many countries you have to be a real school to issue a student visa. You cannot take this course on a tourist visa in most countries. My friend has a worse sitiuation he is in one of the China speicial projects. This is completely illegal. As they are in Thailand. They make my friend work on a tourist via which is 100% illegal and if they don’t work they call the cops and throw them out of the housing. We went to the China PSB and they told us to leave or be thrown out for working illegally in china and it is not the chinese citizens job to babysit us it is our job to know if we are breaking the law. They did say it was completely illegal for a company to take a teachers salary and that TEFL International. who is in shanghai, Zhuhai and Beijing to issue a cert in china. So they are breaking the law and we get in trouble if something happens. Please don’t take my word for it you can email them and ask them email the china PSB. Look at the visa entry and exit rules. You can see these projects below are clearly illegal. Please don’t make the mistake we did. Do your homework.
TEFL Jobs - Special Muslim Project TEFL Jobs- Special Chinese Project III
TEFL Jobs - Special Thai Project TEFL Jobs- Beijing special project

Reviewer: Shin  Rating:: 1
I went to the same course did not have these kinds of problems but the course was a waste of my money and time. This henry guy that runs it is a idiot. They gave me an F visa not a student visa. I regret going

Reviewer: yoyoh  Rating:: 1
I took this course and it was one of the dumbest things I have ever done. It is just a waist of money and time. Tefl international is just a marketing company that is clear when you get to the course. I think it is better to go to www.thebeijinger.com and find your own job.

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