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Zhongwen.com is a great website to learn Chinese characters and culture, created ten years ago by Rick Harbaugh, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Rick calls himself ''An economist with lexicographic preferences'', and he is. For speakers of English, the Chinese Language, especially Chinese characters, is often regarded as mysterious. Browse through Zhongwen.com, you''ll find out that it doesn''t need to be that way. Zhongwen.com, to a great extent, is a genealogy and dictionary of Chinese characters, a new tree system that shows graphically the close interconnections between over 4000 characters mainly according to the Shuowen Jiezi, Xu Shen''s etymological dictionary from 2000 years ago. Zhongwen.com also provides a web of Chinese characters   dictionary for users to quickly compare definitions and find specialized terminology. In addition to the online dictionaries, this site gives more detailed background information of Chinese characters and even teaches you how to write a Chinese character stroke by stroke. Plenty of reading resources are also available, and you can find as ancient as Dao De Jing by Lao Tse and as modern as Sino-American Relations by Bill Clinton.
Zhongwen.com offers more than the above mentioned: special vocabulary, pinyin chatroom...
Explore it yourself, and you will see how it attracts thousands of visitors every day.

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Other's review
Reviewer: Guest  Rating:: 1
There are too many errors

Reviewer: lenyau  Rating:: 4

Reviewer: van  Rating:: 1
yes, there too many errors

Reviewer: sk  Rating:: 5
great for getting to the root origins.

Reviewer: learn chinese online  Rating:: 3

Come on-line learning Chinese(www.chinmaionline.com), here are a large number of Chinese video, you can go to learn Chinese

Reviewer: KeTing  Rating:: 5
helps me with my chinese by a lot.
plus, you can search by character strokes-- you can't do that on other dictionary websites.

Reviewer: wf  Rating:: 4
i like it as a an alternative /supplement to ccedict based online dictionaries. also has a chat room to practice chatting in pinyin

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