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Veronika from Budapest with Her Chinese Learning Site

Below is from Veronika, specially for our EaseChinese.com visitors.
"I'm a girl (26) from Budapest, Hungary. I started learning Chinese because I wanted to know what those character means, and how you can read, write them. It's a hobby for me and I practice it day by day, hours and hours for 6 months. My native language is Hungarian, but I speak in English too. My work is software testing / managing. I'm an economist. My hobby is learning Chinese / swimming / I practiced TaiChi.
On my site you can see my growth. Now I know about 200 characters. There is a doc file, which is a stroke order list I made. I never found a list like this on the web, so I made it for myself. I think it'll be useful for others too. The character's order can be by stroke number / pinyin / simplified / traditional character in the xls file. I found a lot of useful links, and browsing the web, so it'll grow too. Now there is about 70 links, all tested by me. I’m refreshing the site every day.

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