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This site provides a huge collection of authentic Chinese news articles from the leading Chinese news agency, Xinhuanet, with huge-sized characters, pinyin and English annotations. One of the greatest things is NewsinChinese.com runs entirely automatically, kept updated about every ten minutes. Therefore, you can always find here the latest news stories in China. Powered by the dictionary and annotation software of Adsotrans.com, it's very user-friendly, allowing readers to add to and edit its Adso database. You can also leave your comments on the news and even post a question on what you don't understand in the article and get a handy help you need. NewsinChinese.com does make sense to build up your Chinese vocabulary in a more interesting way. However, nothing is perfect. It seems that the major complaints focus on its new source, the RSS Feeds of Xinhua News Agency: prolific yet quite boring.

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Other's review
Reviewer: rinpiseth  Rating:: 1
i want to study china now i am studying in nanjing command college my nation Cambodia

Reviewer: tran van trang  Rating:: 1
thanks for your website, Newsinchinese.com. It is the first time I have a chance to learn chinese language online. My name's trang I have been working in General department of vietnam customs. for bussiness, I have just go to work in Langson customs in sep,2006. I would like to learn chinese laguage for my work and devoloping my knowlge about people, culture chine country. thank again and please heple me.

Reviewer: tran van trang  Rating:: 1
if you have any experience in learning chinese language (especially, i would like to have 214 ahead set), please write to me. my email address is trangaz@yahoo.com

Reviewer: catchina  Rating:: 3
Thanks for this wonderful website! I'm a spanish second year student of Chinese willing to learn mandarin. I'm sure this site would work as a good complement to my learning

Reviewer: Victor  Rating:: 3
Hi, I live in Ningbo, I am looking for a chinese friend who can make language exchange with me...

Reviewer: Indri  Rating:: 3
Im just arrive in Qindao 2 weeks ago and willing to learn mandarin laguage,so I can more understand the culture here and I also can do comunication with peoples in Qingdao.
Please help me and guide me.Thank you so much

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